Learning to live with, through and beyond an Eating Disorder

Unique, personal, small group online course with Jan Clarke

We are proud to be offering an EDFA first 👉 our NEW Parent/Carer education series “Learning to Live With, Through and Beyond an Eating Disorder”.

  • Are you starting out as a carer of a loved one with an eating disorder and want to explore and have a deeper understanding of the eating disorder mindset and how to be the most effective support for your loved one and the whole family?
  •  Have you been on the treadmill for a while and want to upskill yourself as a carer?
  •  Are you feeling that things are only just holding together by a thread in your family?
  • Are you feeling that you and/or your loved one are “stuck” and want to learn and brainstorm ways to change things up for the better?
  • Are you feeling that your family is in chaos and that you need guidance to help move forward together in a positive direction?

Our ‘Learning to live with, through and beyond an Eating Disorder‘ online course / workshop is an in-depth, unique, personal, small group education series run by our highly skilled facilitator, Jan Clarke, ED Consultant & Educator of The Bronte Centre.

‘Learning to live’  will be will be tailored to accommodate and work with each family and their own unique situation.


Four week intensive online course

The series runs over 4 weeks;

Thursday 22nd April 7.30-9.30pm (AEST)

Thursday 29th April 7.30-9.30pm (AEST)

Thursday 6th May 7.30-9.30pm (AEST)

Thursday 13th May 7.30-9.30pm (AEST)

Cost: $350 per family* for 8 hours (2hrs x 4 sessions) 

*Each “family” could consist of parents or other carers involved.

We are so excited and grateful to be able to offer you this unique education series!

Please contact us at: admin@edfa.org.au if you have any further queries.

Become a member of EDFA for $25 per year (Australian Carers Only)

EDFA is a proud not for profit, volunteer run organisation. 

We invite you to be part of a revolutionary peer support group making positive changes in the Eating Disorder space. Strength in numbers means we are able to affect change and have the collective voice of the carers recognised.

We provide opportunities to connect with other parents and carers who share your experiences… helping you to feel less alone and isolated.

Yearly membership is just $25.

Membership gives access to monthly state-based strive carer support groups, twice monthly education sessions, monthly sibling support, quarterly strive support groups for carers of people with ARFID and Bulimia as well as a group for male carers and access to the members-only National strive Australia page providing connection with & support from fellow parents and carers all over Australia. Members will also receive discounts to eating disorder events and conferences. Daily online support through our striveFacebook pages and the opportunity to connect, share, learn and ask questions is another benefit of being part of our EDFA community.

Your membership helps EDFA with ongoing costs of running a not-for-profit organisation, and importantly, shows Government that families value, need and believe in this type of lived-experience support. Strength in numbers helps EDFA lobby as the collective voice of carers for  better services, treatments, access to expert clinicians and specialised ED units, to help our loved ones in their recovery journey and to acknowledge the impact of an eating disorder diagnosis on the entire family unit.

*please note EDFA membership is only available to people living in Australia.

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