David Quilty


EDFA director David Quilty has experienced firsthand the struggle of supporting a child with an eating disorder. 

He is passionate about EDFA and the vital role it plays in the parent and carer journey.

“EDFA was formed because there was no organisation interested first and foremost in representing and supporting the families and carers of people with eating disorders.  

Often carers can fall between the cracks and it is no different with the families and carers of people with eating disorders. As eating disorder sufferers are often young and the journey to recovery requires 24/7 carer support, EDFA plays a vital role in communities across the country.”

David’s involvement and specialised professional skills add value to furthering EDFA’s role as an advocate for and practical supporter of families and carers of loved ones with an eating disorder.

“I have expertise in government and stakeholder relations and I represent EDFA on the Eating Disorders Alliance Australia working with other organisations like the Butterfly Foundation. I also sit on the TBT-S Committee and work closely with EDFA’s volunteer strive facilitator in the ACT.

EDFA is a special organisation because it achieves so much through the passion and commitment of its Board members and its great volunteers.”

 “Any family with a loved one with an eating disorder knows that it is a whole-of-family shared experience. Too often the challenges of caring for someone with an eating disorder are taken on without any support or access to the information and resources that are so vital to a lasting recovery.  

EDFA fills the gaps and complements other great eating disorder organisations which are focused on the sufferer more so than the families and carers.” 

David recognises that parents and carers need to know there are other people just like them, and by sharing their experiences and knowledge they can be better equipped and more confident to take on the challenges of caring for someone they love with an eating disorder.

David’s ‘day job’ is Managing Director and Co-Founder of National Advisory, a small strategic advisory firm. 

“I like to take on challenges and find ways to solve challenging problems. I get great satisfaction from setting goals and achieving them… and when others are happy around me.

I feel privileged to play a small part supporting great people who take on one of the toughest challenges that life can throw at them.  I want to make a difference, and I enjoy surrounding myself with people who make a difference.”

When he’s not juggling his work and family life, David enjoys getting away with family to the coast. He enjoys sports, gardening and travel.


David’s Top Tips for parents and carers on their journey

Stay the course, you will get through this and be so proud you did. 

Join a strive carer support group

Exercise, treat yourself occasionally, reach out.


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