TBT-S Clinician Workshop Series

A new Eating Disorders treatment approach

Temperament-Based Therapy with Supports (previously known as NEW FED TR) is a new treatment approach focused on integrating cutting edge information about the brain-basis of eating disorders into treatment. 

TBT-S focuses on arming clinicians with experiential activities and highly-focused skills to teach clients and carers/supports reasons that eating disorders occur, and concrete and applicable skills that can be used to combat disordered eating behaviour. 

Clinicians and carers learn how to address eating behaviour in eating disorders from a brain basis based on the latest information from a neuroscientific perspective. 

TBTS Workshop series for EDFA

Better client and carer satisfaction

Studies evaluating TBT-S suggest that the effect of approaching treatment from a scientific perspective, as is taught in TBT-S, leads to high client and carer satisfaction, enhancing both clients’ and supports/carers’ motivation to engage in treatment and a higher degree of self-efficacy.

TBTS Workshop Series for EDFA

Learn from the founders of TBT-S

Learn from the founders of TBT-S about this new evidence informed multi-family treatment for patients 16 and over with Anorexia Nervosa (AN). 


The temperament‐focused treatment combines psychoeducation of AN neurobiology and involvement of supports (families/carers) to develop skills to manage traits contributing to disease chronicity. 

Both the one day workshop and the 4-day training will address how to: 

  • better manage eating disorder symptoms by working with AN traits;
  • reduce mealtime avoidance and distress; and
  • increase effectiveness of client-support interactions to support recovery.

Carers will come away with greater understanding about what is driving the eating disorders and valuable skills for working with their loved one.

Eating Disorder GP working with parents and including them in treatment plan and team.

Four day training

This is a unique opportunity to be trained to deliver their intensive 5-day 40-hour multi-family format which includes neurobiological psychoeducation, client and support skills-training, meal planning & coaching, & development of a behavioral agreement plan. 

The TBT-S training will deliver hands-on training on activities and skills that are evidence-informed, which can be used as a stand-alone treatment, or in concert with other treatments in clinical settings. 

All clinical skills learnt can be used in one on one work with clients & their families, or the 5-day multi-family format can be adapted in less intense formats.

One day introduction to TBT-S

In a one day format, clinicians and carers will learn;

  • Basics of neurobiology of eating disorders
  • Menu of traits and heritability
  • Developing neurobiology literacy (clinicians and carers):
  • Using neurobiological understanding to work with the person with AN & their family/supports
TBT-S is eating disorder treatment for older adolescents and adults
  • Negotiating and developing behavioural contracts
  • Helpful tools for family/supports and clients
  • Carers will come away with greater understanding about what is driving the eating disorders and valuable skills for working with their loved one


Clinicians: please note that the one day event is Day 1 of the 4-day training. It will set the basics upon which the rest of the training will draw from.

Update: Due to the impact of Covid-19, all one-day and four-day training events have been put on hold. 

We are currently running short webinars on TBT-S for clinicians.

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