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Federal MP Campaign

Do you feel unheard and unsupported in the public health space? 

EDFA members know first-hand the many service gaps and failings in the health system that prevent our loved ones from getting the treatment they need and deserve. 

The run up to the Federal election is the time to demand real action from our local Federal MPs to provide better support for people with eating disorders and their families and carers.

EDFA has identified the actions that must be taken to deliver a comprehensive approach to eating disorders

To help, we’ve prepared a range of materials to support your local advocacy with your Federal MP which can be found below. 

These include;


With EDFA members from all over Australia, it is time to find our collective voice and demand real action on eating disorders from our local Federal MPs.

Advocating for loved ones with eating disorder campaign

To participate in the Federal MP Campaign, make sure to follow these steps:

  • Find your Federal electorate here
  • Find the address and contact details for your local Federal MP here
  • Prepare your letter by downloading the Template Letter to your Federal MP (this will download as a Word document, so that you can personalise it to include your story, and local Federal MP details)
  • You will also need to include the Comprehensive Approach document

Before meeting with your local Federal MP, download the Handy Tips, and Meeting Talking Points so that you are well prepared.

We would love you to tell us how you go! Email us at to share your advocacy experience.


Join the Campaign

There are 151 MP's in Australia. Find your MP. Find your voice and speak out.

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