Our Team

Meet Our Team

The experienced team at EDFA is passionately driving the change for Australian families and carers impacted by an eating disorder.

Jane Rowan

Executive Director

“Starting conversations, raising awareness, and advocating for better community understanding of what families and carers are experiencing with an eating disorder present in their lives is what drives me every day.”

Jennifer Paterson

Strategic Support

“From collaboration between researchers and organisations in the eating disorder sector to the inspiration and hope at a Coffee Catch Up — supporting projects that make a difference keeps me motivated.”


Lynn Garvey

National Education Program Manager

“I love my role of sourcing eating disorder EDucation for carers and families so they have the opportunity to understand their loved one's illness in greater depth and how to support them in the best way... something I wish I’d had access to when I was so desperate for help.”

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Alex - National Support Program Manager

Alex Kisilevich

National Support Program Manager

“I love being able to support carers, who are often forgotten, and yet so central to their loved one’s recovery.”

Penny Scarce

Support Program Administrator

“I know, first hand, the impact eating disorders have on the entire family and friendship unit and therefore, I feel motivated and inspired by the work EDFA is doing for carers within the community.”

Sallie Egglestone

Support Program Lead Facilitator and Moderator

“My journey with my daughter with an eating disorder came out of left field. I had to teach myself how to heal her and my family with few resources. What I learnt I felt I needed to share.”

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Jess Schulz

Marketing & Communications

“I feel privileged that my skills can help ensure parents and carers feel heard, understood, and can trust the information that EDFA is sharing.”

Ruby Garvey

Social Media Coordinator

“My role gives me the opportunity to be a voice for those on the inside with an eating disorder, and for that I am so thankful.”

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